Black Strapless Dresses – Suitable for Every Occasion

The color black is iconic, classy and smart. The little black dress is a staple in most women’s wardrobes.  It is a timeless favorite that can be worn for a variety of occasions on account of its versatility.  However, women today are making tweaks to the way they wear this little black dress and many opt to wear it strapless.

A Black Strapless Dress looks fashionable and neat. Many celebrities have rocked this look on the red carpet. To this, a lot of you would reply that celebrities and models have balanced figures to pull off any look or outfit with ease.  But, what about you? Will a Black strapless dress flatter your figure or demean it? Let’s check out below.

black strapless dresses

Are you comfortable with a Strapless Dress?

Black is just a color. What matters is the style of the dress. You will hear a lot about how a black Strapless Dress looks elegant and sophisticated. You envy the dress of your peers. But, what is most important is have you ever worn a strapless dress before? Are you comfortable baring your shoulders and upper back? You need to evaluate your sense of fashion. There is a difference between experimenting with new styles and being comfortable in an outfit. Wear a black Strapless dress only if you are confident of carrying it. If you have been a little more conservative with respect to your clothing, we advise no to go in for this dress style.

Who should wear a Black Strapless Dress?

The most important requirement to flaunt a Black strapless dress gracefully is well-toned neck, shoulders, and arms. You should have broad shoulders. Your arms should not be too muscular or flabby and neither should your neck be too bony. The length that you should wear it at is your personal choice. If you’re a leggy lass, there is no problem going short.  Formal events, however, call for a black strapless dress that is longer in length. Based on your body shape, you can choose to go for an A-line dress, wrap, straight fit, and bubble dress or empire waist.

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Dress up your Black Strapless Dress

Choosing the accessories wisely is important to dress up your strapless black dress. First let’s discuss the shoes.  Knee high boots, pumps and stilettos in black or colors with your black dress oozes oomph. Sometimes the skin show becomes too shocking. So, you have to balance the look and this is achieved with the right jewelry. Chunky earrings, an elegant stone bracelet, and a layered necklace or a strand of pearls will complete your look. Don’t forget to pick up a stylish clutch. A belt, crepe stole and a scarf is optional items to dress up your black outfit.

Occasions the Black Strapless Dress has its Made Its Appearance

College and School Proms are incomplete without one or two black strapless dresses. It has been a staple for years. These dresses have also made blink and miss appearances at the red carpet and celebrity award events. In addition to this, Black Strapless dresses are suitable attire for a cocktail party, evening party or to wear to the club.

Black dresses are an absolute no-no to weddings because it is a color associated with mourning and funerals. However, many girls today wear Black Strapless dresses to a wedding. You too can wear it without grabbing attention. If it is a church wedding refrain from wearing it strapless. It can also be worn with a colored cardigan or a lace shrug. Wearing it with a jacket can also make it an outfit for daytime events.

strapless black dresses

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