The Bubble Dress .. Flaunt with Flair and Confidence

Women, the majority of them, prefer to stick to the conventional dress patterns as these are styles they can carry with ease and comfort. They choose to incorporate changes to the existing favorites instead of trying something drastically different. The Bubble Dress is one such pattern a lot of women shy away from. They go “WOW” when they see models in bubble dresses walking the ramp. But, when it comes to choosing a similar style for themselves, they conveniently settle for something else. Many women consider the bubbly bouncy dress to be too fashion forward and they fear going wrong with it. After all who would desire to become a fashion disaster?


What exactly are Bubble Dresses?

A bubble dress derives its name from its look. They are also called pickup dresses. In a bubble dress a length of elastic is sewn to the hemline of the dress. It is actually concealed within the hem. The length of elastic used in roughly the size of your waistline. Thus, when you put on the dress it appears tight at the waist and the legs wherever the hemline hits the legs either above the knees or mid thigh while the fabric in between creates a puffy ballooned look.  The gathers can be arranged neatly to resemble voluminous folds.  This is a very basic description of what a bubble dress is. Designers have made modifications adding layers and giving it a classier look.

Bubble Dresses: Will it suit you?

Their looks chic and playful. It best suits young girls and children. It is one of the most popular picks for proms. Bubble Dresses look great for women who are skinny. It makes one look more curvaceous. Women with a bottom heavy figure should choose bubble dresses carefully as the voluminous folds of this dress have the potential to make you look fatter.  This dress flatters taller women more than women who are too petite. In addition to this, you should have broad shoulders, a good bust and slim waistline to balance the look.

bubble dress


You cannot go wrong with this look

Bubble dresses are made from a variety of fabrics. Silk gives your dress a very regal look while free flowing fabrics achieve a feminine soft look. Bubble Dresses can be worn in dozens of styles. These include full sleeves, short sleeves, capped sleeves, sleeveless, straps, halter, strapless and one-shoulder dresses. The last two are the most popular among the Bubble dress patterns.

If you are thinking of accessorising your dress, think ruffles, bows, sequins, sashes and fancy belts.  Whether you should wear it long or short, the latter is what we recommended. The short dresses look cute and chic. If you prefer the long one, you should be careful about the type you choose. Too voluminous may make you look like you’ve just stepped out of a fairy tale book.

Avoid wearing chunky heels with this type of dress. High heeled shoes are the most apt footwear option for bubble dresses. You can also team it with flats and ballet flats.


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