Corset Wedding Dresses – Flatter your Figure

The wedding dress is undoubtedly very important. It should have the best fit. It should be done up in exquisite embroidery and fabrics. Above all, the wedding dress should look exquisite and unmatched in its beauty and design. Corset wedding dresses have definitely to be considered if you are looking for all of these.

When one goes wedding shopping, the dress is undoubtedly the first on your list. However, somewhere on the same list, you have made a quick entry of another piece of accessory you have to pick up. It is the corset. Women generally buy the corset as a separate number to be worn under their wedding dress.  The corset is quite a useful garment as it helps to define your figure perfectly by adding the curves. It offers better support. Not only this, it can flatten large tummies and tame your figure.

Considering the necessity of a corset to be worn with a wedding gown, designers are now making corset wedding dresses in different patterns and styles. So, if you’re planning on wearing a corset wedding dress on your special day, stay tuned for we have some tips on choosing one for you.

corset wedding dresses

 How do Corset Wedding Dresses enhance your figure?

There are several benefits of wearing corset wedding dresses.  A corset wedding dress is a wedding gown that comes pre-fitted with a corset. Thus, it dispenses with the need to wear an additional corset. As a result, the dress is more comfortable (dressing in layers causes discomfort) and less heavy to wear.

This type of wedding dress is also known for its ability to correct figure flaws. The dress can help those on the heavier side look slimmer. On the other hand, it helps accentuate curves in those with a leaner figure. The padding emphasizes your feminine curves. It creates an hourglass figure; a thinner waist and curvy top and bottom. Not only this, it also enhances the look of your arms and shoulders. A longer corset can also make lengthen the torso and make petite women look taller.

Tips to Buy the Best Corset Wedding Dresses

1. You will be surprised by the overwhelming choice of styles available in corset wedding dresses. The first guideline to choose the perfect wedding dress is the look you want to create. You can create both a modern and modest look with that type of dress. For the dramatic eye-catching look you can opt for the strapless style. If you are not in favor of excess skin show and want to look the blushing yet modest bride, you can opt for the style with straps, halter neck or short sleeves.  The one shoulder and off shoulder corset wedding dresses are also classic styles.  In addition to this, you choose from a variety of necklines and skirt types (A-line, empire, wrap round etc.)

2.  There are one piece and two piece corset wedding dresses too. You can choose whatever you fell comfortable with.

3. When it comes to corset dresses you have two options. One is the lacing patterns at the back and the second is an invisible zipper. The zipper allows you to get ready and undone faster but, it does not allow customization to the extent that the lacing pattern permits. If you put on a few pounds or lose a few pounds and have a bought zipper corset wedding dress, you will not be able to customize the dress to give you the perfect fit.

4. Corset dresses can look great only but they have to be well fitted. So, make sure you buy a corset wedding gown that matches your size and shape. Therefore, buying at a local store that specializes in bridal wear is a better option than ordering online.

5. Corset wedding gowns are available in different colors. White is the staple but, you can experiment with it too. Instead of pure white, you can opt for off white and other subtle colors.

6. The last consideration is the price. Choose a dress that doesn’t burden your pocket.

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