Long Sleeve Dresses Making Its Comeback

Not long ago, long sleeve dresses were not a style many opted for. Their place in the wardrobe was soon invaded by the fancier cap and puff sleeve dresses and the petite strap, halter and strapless ones. However, off lately the long sleeve dresses are making their presence felt on the fashion front and are gradually giving up their “Frumpish” and “Outdated tag.  We do not know who to credit this revival to but, we sure know the tricks to help you pull off this style with ease and comfort. Here’s a look at the styles, colors and fabrics you can experiment with for your long sleeve dresses. We will try to ensure this style flatters you the most.

As women we love to keep up with the changing trends be it is hairstyles or clothes. Long sleeve dresses which were at one time a hot trend (you must have seen your grandma donning a few in old photographs) in the line of women’s dresses are regaining their lost charm. Whether you’re looking for long sleeve dresses that will stand out at your college prom or one for an occasion that demands formality, there are plenty of styles and patterns to choose from.   So, are you ready to make your pick?

long sleeve dresses

Bell, sheer sleeves or sleek tailored sleeves?

Sleek, tailored sleeves are the first that come to mind when speaking about long sleeved dresses. They look like well fitted gloves sewed to the dress. Tailored sleek long sleeves give the dress a very polished and elegant appearance. Another type you can go in for are the sheer sleeves. They are loose and slightly puffy usually done up in transparent fabric.  These sheer sleeves look modern and youthful. The next type of long sleeves that is slowly catching up once again is the bell sleeves. These sleeves are thinner along the arm and flare at the end resembling the shape of a bell and so the name. They look chic on dresses that have a similar cut.

Monochromatic and Prints

Monochromatic long sleeve dresses look classic. Not only this, they are the best suited for formal occasions. You can stick to simple patterns or raise the style quotient with cutouts and curves. The monochromatic style flatters most body shapes. Another fast emerging trend in the long sleeve line is the use of prints and patterns. Prints banish the plain look of monochromatic dresses and make them look striking. Animal prints are a hot favorite among women. Besides flowers and abstract patterns for long sleeved dresses has also become popular. You should be careful with the pattern or print you choose.  Horizontal stripes make a person look fat while vertical stripes makes one look lean and thin. You can also add a hint of lace and embroidery to give your dress a regal look.

Choose to wear it long or short

The long sleeve style goes well both with short and long dresses. However, if you compare the two for which looks best the former emerges a winner. Full length dresses with long sleeves tend to look conservative. Cutting the length of the dress lends a modern, sexy and youthful look. A little above Knee length is the right length for a long sleeve dress. Wear the dress very short only if you can carry it comfortably.

Fashionista this winter season

Do you live in the country where the harsh and severe winters do not allow you to flaunt the bright and svelte dresses you don in spring and summers? Don’t despair.  Long sleeve dresses are a perfect winter fashion statement. It keeps you warm and cozy and allows you to exhibit your style when all others are buttoned up for the cold.

Other Tips

Based on the type and style of long sleeve dress you choose, you can team it with a pair of peep-toes or classy boots. They look more ladylike when worn with closed toe-heel stilettos.  If you wear a printed dress especially those with fine and crowded prints keep the rest of your makeup and accessories neutral. You can wear your long sleeved dress with tights too. Bracelets to decorate the cuffs will add glamour and elegance to your overall look.

So, the next time you go shopping don’t forget to pick at least one long sleeve dress for your wardrobe. Choose a dress that fits your size and shape perfectly. If you stick to these simple tips, we vouch you won’t go wrong.

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