Masquerade Dresses – Ultimate Guide To Find The Best One

If you have come here to learn all about masquerade dresses, you are at the right place. There’s not a single woman in the world who never wanted to look “perfect” and beautiful in an event – especially something as grand as a prom or ball. It’s not a secret that women really exert effort when it comes to these kinds of events; from their make-up, hair style, heels, and of course their dress!

The dress is one of, if not the most important thing for a girl when it comes to events. No matter how great your make-up is, or how shiny your brand new heels are; if you don’t have a dress that can capture the attention of the crowd, your whole outfit goes to waste.

Read on to find our Ultimate Guide for finding the best masquerade ball dresses

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Emergence of Masquerades

Thinking or planning for what to wear became more difficult due to the emergence of Masquerade balls.

A Masquerade ball, as the name suggests, is a party wherein the guests wear a mask to cover their faces (usually, it’s just the eye or up to the nose). If you’ve watched Phantom of the Opera, those are the kinds of masks you wear in a masquerade ball (not the Halloween/scary masks!). A masquerade ball features people with sophisticated dresses and suits, fancy yet classy masks, and an aura that you won’t see in a different kind of party.

Back in the day, proms and balls used to be simple – as long as you wore a suit or a nice cocktail dress, you’re already good to go. There was rarely a theme when it comes to promenades before. As time went on, themed parties started to become a trend; one of which was masquerade themed parties.

It’s not a secret that a Masquerade ball is much harder to prepare for compared to a regular ball or prom. There are so many things to consider because of the fact that everyone will surely bring their “A+ Game”. It’s not going to be as easy as preparing for a regular party. You don’t just pick out your clothes and expect to be considered well-dressed in a masquerade ball. People will know if you exerted effort or not – it’s THAT serious.

If you happen to be invited to a masquerade ball, you definitely have to prepare for it. The good thing is – you’re already in the right place. You no longer have to worry about catching up with the latest trend… In this article, you will get to know more about masquerade balls and how to prepare for them. You need ideas for masquerade dresses? Read on!

masquerade long dress

Masquerade Dresses – What Makes them Different?

So what makes them different from gowns or other dresses women usually wear during balls or formal parties? To be honest with you, if you base it on its aesthetic appearance alone, there is absolutely no difference!

But of course, when thinking about a masquerade ball, you have a lot of things to consider. First off, everyone in a masquerade ball ALWAYS overdresses. No one will ever go to such event, wearing only a regular dress they bought from the mall at the very last minute. There are certain factors that you have to consider when choosing the perfect masquerade dress (which you will learn in a bit).

The main difference between a masquerade ball dresses and a regular dress is that when it comes to the latter, there’s a slim chance that you can complement it with a face mask. Ordinary dresses won’t go well with a face mask – it just doesn’t work that way. Masquerade dresses have a certain feel – a different aura that emanates from it, especially while wearing a mask. There’s a certain mystique that comes with wearing a dress that was meant for a masquerade event.

Price Difference?

Masquerade dresses and regular dresses will have difference in price, that is inevitable. In fact, all dresses price have a difference. The price of a dress depends on the quality of the material used to make it. Another thing to consider is if it was created by a designer, or is it a common dress being sold on the store?

Prices vary – so when buying a dress, it’s not going to be a matter of whether or not you’re buying a masquerade dress or a regular cocktail dress; what matters most is the quality of the dress and if it was made by a professional designer.

Historically though, masquerade ball dresses are more expensive than other kinds of gowns. This is because a masquerade dress is often extravagant – with various materials used such as diamonds, pearls, beads etc. it is obvious that a dress meant for a masquerade ball is more expensive.

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How to Find the Perfect Masquerade Dress

Here comes the best (and hardest) part – Finding the perfect masquerade dress that will fit your personality, style, and aura!

The whole process is definitely easier said than done; after all, finding a normal shirt or a pair of shoes already takes up 2-4 hours for a girl to accomplish… WHAT MORE A MASQUERADE DRESS RIGHT?

Well, you don’t really have to fret because we will help you find the best gown for your upcoming masquerade ball! Just follow these tips and you will surely seize the night

– Stick to your Favourites – Is your favourite colour Pink? Or do you like Yellow more? When choosing among a wide array of masquerade dresses, it’s always better to stick with your favourite colours. Why? It’s really simple – when you choose your favourite colour, it means that you are comfortable with that colour; and with that comfort comes the fact that you can confidently wear the dress knowing that you LIKE what you’re wearing. Do you follow?

A woman definitely appreciates clothes that make her feel comfortable. By choosing a masquerade dress with your favourite colour, you are more at ease and confident with yourself. That’s a good thing!

– Long or Short? – Whether you want to go for a longer gown to show more “class” or go for a shorter dress to show your “curves”, you will surely look great in the event. You see, it’s not about the length of your dress; although it’s not advisable for you to wear a dress that is 3-5 inches above the knee when attending a masquerade party. You can still opt to go for a shorter gown to give your body a more flirtatious look (in a good way).

This decision will really depend on your personality. But if you happen to want to look more sophisticated and serious with the event, it’s best to go for a longer dress. You don’t necessarily need to wear a gown though!

– Not too Flashy! – There are masquerade dresses that are way over the top! Sometimes, you can’t really express yourself when you see a gown that has sparkling diamonds all over it. I mean, yes, diamonds are women’s best friends; but TOO MUCH DIAMONDS? That’s a lot of best friends if you ask me!

green masquerade gown

Kidding aside, there’s really no point in wearing a dress that has too much accessories in it. There’s what you call “overdressing” in fashion, and in a masquerade ball, EVERYONE dresses well, but it’s laughable when someone OVERDRESSES in an event where everyone is already OVERDRESSED.

You don’t need to wear a dress that sparkles and shines just so people will notice you. You can wear a dress that looks elegant without it screaming “Hey I’m ELEGANT!” Being subtle works out well in masquerade balls because of the fact that everyone is wearing a mask; so the added mystery will definitely make you look more attractive.

There’s a fine line between what’s acceptable and what’s a “tad too much” in a masquerade ball. Make sure you don’t cross that line, unless you want to be the laughing stock of the party

– Red, Dark, and Everything Nice – If you don’t really want to wear your favorite color for a masquerade ball because it’s too main stream – you can’t really go wrong with a red dress. Red dresses are a bit common, yet never gets out of style when it comes to parties. Whether it is a formal or a semi-formal event, red dresses never fails to capture the attention of the people.

You can wear a red gown that is a shade or a couple of shades darker than the usual. For a masquerade ball, a darker shade of colors looks more elegant and classy. With your face mask, the color of your dress will do the talking and expressing for you. Instead of your face usually doing the work, you can allow your body and dress to do the “talking” for you.

Red is associated with love, romance, and seduction. So if ever you’re planning to attract a guy at a masquerade ball, then a red masquerade dress will definitely be your best friend!

Aside from red, you can go for dark purple, dark blue, or even dark green gowns. Just use your imagination and don’t hesitate to choose colors you haven’t used before. You might be surprised with how great you’ll look in it!

– Make a Budget and Stick with It – If you plan on splurging for the masquerade ball – then by all means, get a designer and ask him/her to make you a personalized masquerade dress. If you have the money, then don’t hesitate on spending for it!

BUT – if ever you’re on a tight budget, then you should still be happy and positive because there are tons of masquerade dresses available that are very affordable! Remember, a gown is just one aspect of the whole outfit; you can still improvise and add accessories to make your dress look more elegant!

masquerade ball accessories

Masquerade Dresses – Mask, Accessories, and Shoes

A masquerade dress needs a face mask that will complement with it. Aside from that, you also need to have accessories and a nice pair of heels to make your whole outfit stand out.

The only tip that you need to know is that you should play well with the colour combinations. Don’t be afraid to try out new things when it comes to colour combinations – just make sure that you’re not using absurd colours like mixing pink and green and purple ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

Enjoy accessorising yourself with jewelry. Jewelry such as necklaces and rings will make you look more sophisticated. It is a perfect element in a masquerade ball, so make sure that you have the necessary accessories on you.

As for your mask – you can actually wear something with feathers or glitters. That’s the usual face mask of women during masquerade balls. Surely, you can find more ideas at your local stores or online. Just remember that the face mask will speak a lot about what you are as a person. It is a representation of your personality too – so make it count!

Seize the Night!

The world is yours; OWN IT!

^ That must be your mindset when you attend a masquerade ball. Seize the night! Everyone will be wearing masquerade dresses (except the guys), and everyone will be looking to take the spotlight!

You and your masquerade dress should never run out of confidence. You are very beautiful, and you have a stunning masquerade dress. What else are you thinking about? Forget about it and just enjoy – Seize the night!

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