Petite Cocktail Dresses – Sweet and Simple

Having difficulty choosing a petite cocktail dress? Petite women generally face a dilemma when it comes to selecting cocktail dresses. Women, who are short, below 5’4”, believe that their body height does allow them to flaunt cocktail dresses with the same flair that taller beauties do. This is a myth.

There is an overwhelming choice of pretty and attractive cocktail dresses that you can don to cocktail parties. But, there are few rules to keep in mind when choosing cocktail dresses for a petite figure. We have listed some of them below.

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Styles to Choose for Petite Cocktail Dresses

This is one of the most perplexing tasks. Most women fail to choose the style of dress that would be most flattering to their figure. For women with petite figures dresses styled with empire waists are the best option. The high waist of these petite cocktail dresses lengthens body’s appearance making petite women appear taller. Not only this, it hides flaws and is very comfortable to carry. The tie back and sheath styles with their fitted silhouettes lend a lean and tall look to your figure. The A-Line dresses are another style option in the list of petite cocktail dresses.

Frills, puffy sleeves and mix of different colored and types of fabrics are the perfect accents for any piece of women’s clothing. Nevertheless petite women should stay away from them because it makes one look plump and short.

Solids or Prints

Prints are a popular pick for clothing. They look chic and trendy when designed appropriately. However, the fashion rule book does not recommend prints for petite women.  Cocktail dresses in bold and large prints create the illusion of a shorter body and can thus make women look even more diminutive. Dresses in solid colors are the best suited for petite women. It adds a touch of sophistication and flamboyance to their look. If your wardrobe boasts of prints more than anything else, you can opt for cocktail dresses in smaller prints such a vertical prints.

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Petite Cocktail Dresses: Should you wear them long or short?

Wearing it short is the key to getting this look right. Petite cocktail dresses should approximately hit above the knee or at knee length; it should not be longer than this. Short Petite cocktail dresses make your legs look longer and thus add height to your look. Long cocktail dresses in flowing fabrics are also a flattering number for petite figures. One should avoid cocktail dresses that hit at mid-calf length.

Accessories to Spice up your Cocktail Dresses

Accessories are meant to spice up your outfit, but this does not imply your overdo it with glittery and chunky jewelry. This applies specially to petite women. Keep it simple and attractive. Avoid oversized jewelry. Petite women should always wear heels to add height to their look. Do not opt for sling-backs and ankle straps. Wear shoes to match the color of your outfit. Pick a clutch instead of a large handbag to complete your look.

There are several online and local stores that cater to petite women. You can shop there or have a dress tailored to make it fit to perfection.

So, don’t skip cocktail parties any more. Dress to perfection in petite cocktail dresses for all those glittery evening outings.

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