The Shirt Dress- A Style that Flatters all Figures

A woman’s clothing collection is known for its vibrancy and there’s something to suit every occasion. However, there is one piece of clothing that is still missing in many a woman’s wardrobes. It is the shirt dress, a style that was a hot favorite in the 1940s.  This wardrobe essential is known for its versatility. With tweaks to the traditional design, today’s shirt dresses can be a perfect outfit to wear to work or to a night out with friends.

The Shirt Dress: Tracing its Origins

the shirt dress

Hearing the name “Shirt Dress”, one would probably elaborate that the shirt dress is a shirt and dress put together. This analogy is partially correct as a shirt dress borrows a large part of its design details from a man’s shirt. The row of buttons on the front, the collar, and the classic cuffs are the features a shirt dress shares with the formal button-down man’s shirt.

Many modifications have been made to the original pattern as seamstresses have experimented with newer cuts and styles. Shirt dresses have a looser fit and flare and thus is suitable for different body shapes.  However, the modern shirt dresses are replacing the loose look with a well-fitted waist. Shirt dresses are available as short and long sleeve dresses with the former being more popular. These dresses are generally stitched using cotton and silk as they are crisp, lightweight and comfortable.

Shirt dresses are mainly exhibited as part of the summer and spring clothing lineup. However, in modern times layering the clothing with leggings, slacks or a pair of jeans allows you to don a shirt dress in winter too.

Dress up your Shirt Dress

The fancy shirt dresses in the best colors and prints look beautiful. But, the ugly side of it (the one you wished never existed) is the price tag. Yes, they tend to be expensive. You could instead go for a basic shirt dress that allows greater customization and accessorizing. In fact, you could give your shirt dress a new look each time you use it by altering the accessories you use along with it.

The first and most commonly used accessory is a belt. Most shirt dresses provide a belt to accentuate the waistline. However, if your shirt dress does not come with one you can buy one. You can use a dressy belt with a heavily embellished buckle to rev up the look of a basic and plain dress. A tan leather belt also goes well with a shirt dress. Colorful scarves are another great accessory for shirt dresses. Showy jewelry like a layered necklace, a chunky watch, and sliver bracelet can add glamor to your look. You can also team it with a blazer.

two shirt dresses

Look the Leggy Lass

Shirt dresses come in different lengths. In some, the hem reaches a little above knee length while it some it lies above mid thigh.  If the length of the shirt dress is above mid thigh, it would look great when teamed with a pair of slim jeans or slacks. Black slacks lend a very crisp and professional look. If the shirt dress extends below mid thigh, you can wear it without jeans or slacks. Shirt dresses should never extend below knee length.

Footwear to Complement your Shirt Dress

Shirt dresses are made of lightweight fabric and so heavy footwear can ruin the look. Avoid wearing boots and chunky platforms and wedges. Opt instead for delicate and dainty footwear such as flats, ballet flats, and kitten heels. They add a crisp and soft feel to your overall look.

The shirt dress is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. So, if you still don’t have one gather your shopping bags and some cash and head to the store.

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