Teal Bridesmaid Dresses

Wedding preparations… They never seem to end. You’re just done marking one item on your list as “Completed” and you’re already filling out another space in the “To-Do” section. Among the preparations, the choice of a wedding theme color takes up most of your time. You want it to be unique and the best. However, you don’t want it to seem too out of place. The wedding theme color is the groundwork for the rest of your wedding preparations and most importantly your bridesmaids’ attire. Recent wedding trends have given up pastel shades and are opting for brighter hues. In this range, Teal is slowly becoming a popular wedding color. If you are planning for teal bridesmaid dresses, here’s a short section you should read.

teal bridesmaid dresses

Teal: Where does it fit on the color spectrum?

If you Google the word “Teal”, you will get two basic hues. One bends more in favor of Green while the other seems to belong to the family of Blue. So, where does teal fit on the color spectrum?

Teal is a deep bluish green color. It is often used to represent or refer to the colors of the ocean.  The two main tones of teal are teal blue and teal green. In teal blue, the blue undertone is more prominent. On the other hand, teal green has a darker hint of green. Thus, the first step to teal bridesmaid dresses is choosing between teal blue and teal green.

Teal is a very refreshing color and is one of the best-suited wedding color themes for the winter months. It banishes the gloominess and severity of the winter landscape. Teal bridesmaid dresses in lighter hues and flowing fabrics are great for a beach wedding too.

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Fabrics and Designs

Teal is a flattering color; there is no doubt about it. But, the fabric you choose for your teal bridesmaid dresses will enhance the look further. Fabrics like stain, silk, taffeta lend a royal look while flowing fabrics like georgette create a livelier and playful look.  As far as styles are concerned, there is a wide range from the strapless ones to sleeved dresses.

Accessories to Beautify Teal Bridesmaid Dresses

The Wedding calls for perfection and you have to ensure that your bridesmaids look perfect from head to toe. The first accessories we shall discuss are shoes. Confused about the color of the shoes you bridesmaids should wear with teal? Silver and gold is the perfect match for teal bridesmaid dresses. Strappy sandals or stilettos will look stunning. Black is considered a universal color. However, we wouldn’t recommend black for teal bridesmaid dresses. It fails to create the contrast that the silver and gold do.

Speaking of colors you can use to accentuate teal bridesmaid dresses, silver, ivory, cream, chocolate brown and black are a few of the suitable options.  Many brides opt for monochromatic teal bridesmaid dresses. The most they do is use a sash or belt in another but close shade of green or blue in another fabric. Jeweled or stone embed pieces can be other accents for your teal bridesmaid dresses.

You can buy teal bridesmaid dresses online. There is a wide range including plus size dresses. You can also try to find it at a local apparel store that houses bridal wear collections. If you’re looking for a particular pattern you can buy material and have the teal bridesmaid dresses made by a good seamstress.


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