White Cocktail Dresses .. Who Said White is Plain?

You’re out choosing a pretty, petite cocktail dress for the evening party. Suddenly, the thought strikes you “How about white for this occasion?” But, then you go back on the thought. Isn’t white the color for Memorial and Labor Day? Your evening dress deserves a punch of color. If you’ve been thinking so, you’re wrong. White cocktail dresses are just as attractive and graceful as the colored variants. In fact, it is one of the latest trends. Here are tips on how you can rock this look. Before we get down to some cocktail dress etiquette, let’s see what cocktail dresses actually are.

Cocktail dresses are better known as evening dresses. They are of varying lengths with the hemline hitting anywhere between a few inches above the knee to a few inches above the ankle. Cocktail dresses are available in a variety of styles. Silk, Satin silk, tulle, crepe silk, raw silk and chiffon are the fabrics mostly used for cocktail dresses.

Petite cocktail dresses you might find a good option as well if you are not too tall 🙂

Types of White Cocktail Dresses

You can steal the show with the following white cocktail dress patterns.

  • Little White Dress: The Little black dress is iconic but, the little white dress is soon becoming a wardrobe essential. So, you can ditch black for a white. This little white dress can be any short white dress that hits above the knees.
  • Wrap Dresses: Neatly tailored wrap white cocktail dresses teamed with stilettos also grab attention. Wrap white cocktail dresses will flatter a plump figure.
  • A-Line Dresses: How about A-line white cocktail dresses? This vintage inspired style lends a simple, classy and balanced look. The narrow top emphasizes your slim waistline while the flare cleverly conceals bottom heavy figures.
  • One shoulder Dresses: The one shoulder dresses are a timeless favorite among white cocktail dresses. The asymmetrical front imparts a very modern look.
  • Halter Dresses: The halter flatters almost all body shapes and can make a perfect cocktail dress.
  • Strapless Dresses: Strapless white cocktail dresses done up in royal fabrics such as tulle, satin, chiffon, silk exhibit grandeur and elegance.
  • Shift and Shaped shift dresses: Not as dressy as the others yet elegant enough to wear to a formal do. Shift and shaped dresses are simple and comfortable to carry.
Occasions to Wear White Cocktail Dresses

White is a neutral tone and softens your look unlike an intense black cocktail dress. It is a cool shade you can wear to a summer party. White cocktail dresses can also be worn to an event that is between casual and less formal. The name makes one believe that this attire is restricted to a cocktail party. It is a wrong notion. A cocktail dress can be worn to several other occasions such as evening parties, to a wedding or a high-end restaurant.

white cocktail dresses

Accessories to Bedazzle your White Cocktail Dress

Many white cocktail dresses come with pre-made patterns. If not, you can personally customize your white dress. A-Line white cocktail dresses can be embellished with a satin ribbon, sash, a colored belt or rhinestone pins at the waistline. Stones, sequins, beads or lace in the bust region or on the straps can be used as an accent for other white cocktail dress.

White dresses complement darker skin tones. Pale skin and white dresses gives you a washed out look. Fair skinned women can still wear white dresses by adding a hint of color with colored accessories.  As far as jewelry is concerned, avoid flashy jewelry.

Shoes are another accessory that can enhance your look.  If you’re aiming at the professional look, opt for black court shoes or heels.  For an evening out with friends or a cocktail party, there is no harm in a pair of colored pumps. Only remember to get a clutch and jewelry to go with it. Depending upon the style you choose, you could also wear you white cocktail dress with a pair of Gladiator sandals in metallic shades.

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