White Maxi Dress … Stay Cool and Comfortable

Maxi dresses are a common sighting in the balmy spring and summer months. Besides, it is a versatile style; it’s a great number for women who want to look a fashionista without revealing too much skin or compromising on comfort.  The lightweight, flowing fabrics help you get through a hot sweaty afternoon with ease. It is also for this reasons that it is regarded a popular item of maternity wear.

However, there is another characteristic feature that maxi dresses are known for- their riot of colors. Usually made in polka dots, stripes, floral patterns, tartans and solid colors, they add energy and vivacity to your look. How then would a pure white maxi dress look? Does it have the potential to make the cut or would it look washed out?

white maxi dress

A white dress, whether short or long, is a classic piece in a woman’s wardrobe. White symbolizes purity and calm. There is no denying that it pales in comparison to bright colors, but it is sensual and regal in its own way.

So if you’re planning to buy a white dress or your spring and summer wardrobe, here are a few handy tips you could use.

What is a Maxi Dress?

First let us understand what style is defined as a maxi dress. A maxi dress is a woman’s dress that is usually longer in length; it grazes the ankles or extends all the way to the floor. It may also have an asymmetrical hemline. The silhouette of this dress is slightly different from other modern styles. It has a fitting bodice and a loose bottom than skims the lower part of your body. Modern styles have made slight alterations and now work with flattering fits.

Choosing a White Maxi Dress  

A maxi dress can look fabulous regardless of your shape and size. You only need to pay attention to the styling, accessories and pattern you choose. To ensure that you don’t go wrong choose a maxi dress pattern that compliments your body shape.  Given below are some tips.

  • There is a wide selection of petite white dresses for women with a smaller frame. Petite women will get lost in the fabric of a floor length maxi. Instead opt for a white maxi dress that hits below the ankles and has a slim fit. An empire waist while maxi dress will make petite women look tall. Strapless white maxis look great for petite women.
  • For plus size women, opt for maxi dresses that only skim the body. Avoid dresses with too much detail and fabric. It will make you look fat. V-necks are a great option for plus size women. If you choose white maxi dresses with straps, make sure the dress straps are thick.
  • Silk, chiffon, cotton and organza are some of the fabric options for white dresses.
  • For those who do not want to go full white, choose a white maxi with fine print framing the hemline.

How to accessories a White Maxi Dress?

Unlike garments in bold and dramatic colors, a white dress stands out for its simplicity.  There are a few accents you could use to play up your dress according to the occasion.  If you wish to don your white dress to a formal occasion such as office or a summer party, you can team it with simple jewelry and a pair of colored heels. Wedges, platforms, heels and footwear options for a white maxi dress. Colored heels and jewelry will add a pop of color to your look. For a beach vacation or an everyday outing you can raise comfort with a pair of girly flip flops and gladiator sandals. Don’t forget the funky, chunky jewelry. Wear a belt to define your waist and add color to your outfit. You can also throw over a small jacket (one that ends at the waist) or a blazer.

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