Hairstyles that Can Take Years Off of Your Age

The battle against aging is something we all fight on a daily basis. Warding off wrinkles, age spots and sagging skin makes people run in droves to the gym, the make-up counter and the plastic surgeon’s office. Yet, one thing that often gets overlooked, and which can take years off of your biological age, is having the right hairstyle.

The right hairstyle can easily shave years off of your age and make you look more vibrant, modern and youthful. Normally, long hair is associated with youth, yet once over the age of 40 it can actually drag your features down giving a more tired appearance, and can even look somewhat drab. Also, with age, hair can become naturally thinner and lose it’s elasticity, making a long hairstyle not as desirable. What we need to keep in mind is that the hairstyle that worked great for us in our 20’s may not be the best for our features now.

Having a cut that is above the shoulders with layers in it can instantly give you a lift and a modern edge if you don’t want to go super short. For the more mature woman, the most flattering length is somewhere between the chin and shoulders, although a pixie crop is also very bold and sexy.

Shorter hair with well cut layers will add bounce, volume and movement to hair that has become thinner with age. Hair that moves well not only looks healthier, but also more youthful and is far less severe. A shorter, layered bob can actually give the appearance of lifting your features and making your eyes more prominent rather than the bottom portion of your face. It’s like an instant face-lift without going under the knife. Shorter hair is also perfect in that it’s easier to maintain and easier to color if you chose to cover your grays.

For women who are used to wearing short bangs, try growing them out a little longer so that you can sweep them to the side. This soft look will also take years off of your age. The older we get, the less severe our hairstyles should be. We want to aim for soft, natural looks that exude freshness and youth. Adding some highlights or low-lights to your existing color will also help to add to a more youthful appearance by giving your hair some needed depth and shine.

In general, a softer, bouncier layered cut that is just at or below chin length is the perfect hairstyle to take years off of your age.
If in doubt, consult your hairdresser or the hairdresser of someone you know and whose hair you admire. A professional hairstylist will know what look will work best with your bone structure and will leave you looking your best, and years younger.


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