How to Look Good with Knee-High Sneakers

If you are a geek but you do not want to dress like someone who is out of touch with the latest trends, you can dress in a style that is known as “Geek Chic”. The clothing items you can purchase include knee-high sneakers, trendy but still huge eyeglasses, slogan-covered T-shirts that celebrate your love for geeky things, skinny jeans, and a few pieces of clothing that combine styles such as hip-hop, preppy and bohemian. If you have a lot of geek friends who are also stylish with hair and clothing, talk to them and get advice on how you can dress sexy without abandoning your “geekness”. You can also read a few fashion articles on this topic.

Knee-High Sneakers With Jeans and Fitted Shirt

If you love knee-high sneakers you can wear these with jeans and a cute fitted shirt. Accessorize this outfit with some vintage bracelets and hoop earrings for extra flair. If you are a man, like your female geek friends, you should rock some T-shirts that make a statement about your geek pride and all things geek such as American history, obscure styles of music, computers, science and rare TV programs from decades past.

You can also wear stylish big glasses and a preppy haircut or the 90s grunge messy look along with a plaid shirt and a solid-colored shirt underneath it with jeans. Invest in hooded zip-up jackets for a hip-hop twist to your geek style and buy a few jumpers and argyle sweaters for the cool months.

The Right Hairstyle When Wearing Knee-High Sneakers

You can wear these knee-high sneakers with a mini skirt, a medium-length skirt and even with shorts and a nice T-shirt. You can style your hair in a variety of ways as a geek as long as you do not look too outdated or older than you are. The pixie cut is a good choice for those who getting tired of their long hair, and those with wavy hair would benefit from a curly bob. Some geeks decide to wear their hair in layers or in an asymmetrical bob while others want to go vintage and wear the flapper hairstyle or the 60s hippie hairstyles with headbands around the hair. You can find good pairs of knee-high sneakers at most shoe stores and online retailers.

knee-high sneakers


Knee-high sneakers are making waves among some celebrities these and this means that nerds really are getting the long-awaited revenge in a sweet way. You can participate in this revenge by wearing geek chic styles and letting others know that you are proud of your geek personality and that you will not change anytime soon. Geek chic is also minimalist in that you are wearing simple clothing that makes a bold statement, and this reflects the lives of some geeks in our society. It is good to see that geeks are now getting a little recognition for their fashion contributions.

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