Orange Sandals and the Minimalist Style

Are you someone who gets up and throws on a T-shirt, jeans and the same pair of orange sandals you have had for five years? This probably means that you prefer the minimalist way of wearing clothes but there is more to the minimalist style than a plain shirt and skinny jeans; you can do better than this don’t you think? You can dress sexier and more feminine while still retaining a minimalist approach with research, help from others and visiting different stores in your neighbourhood. Here are some tips on looking fabulous and minimalist at the same time.

General Tips to Get Started

With the exception of those favorite orange sandals, you will need to clean out the closet and get rid of all clothing that does not fit you anymore, that you do not like anymore, are outdated or are so faded that you should not wear them out in public. Place these items in a large cloth bag and bring them to the consignment shop or Goodwill store. After you do this you should organize the remaining clothing by season, colors, patterns and sizes. Look at the clothing in your closet and consider which clothing items you need to buy more of such as more penny loafers for work, two more pairs of tan pants or a few pairs of gemstone necklaces to go with your empire waist dresses. Most importantly, only buy clothing that fits your body, suits your preferences and that is within your budget.

orange sandals

Buy Only What Can Be Worn With What You Currently Own

If you want to look sexier in the minimalist way while shopping for clothes without spending too much, try to only buy clothing items that will go with the outfits you currently own. For example, if you own a lot of khaki shirts, white long-sleeved shirts, black eyelet dresses, denim jeans and pearl earrings, you want to choose clothing that complements those items.

Stock Up On Accessories

Those who dress and shop in a minimalist manner know that they should accessorise the outfits they wear since they add glamour without the need to purchase more clothing, therefore saving time and money. For example, if you are wearing a blue and orange peasant top with gray jeans and orange sandals, you can wear a silver and white necklace and a blue multicolored bracelet with sapphire earrings. Scarves and gloves are excellent winter accessories.

Stick Mostly To The Essentials

Minimalist fashionistas also know the importance of sticking to the basic fashion essentials and here is a list of must-have clothing items for women:

  • Three to four pairs of right-sized bras in colors black, white, beige and a bold flirty color such as turquoise.
  • Four to five basic white dress shirts and five pairs of plain white T-shirts
  • Three pairs of denim jeans and three pairs of work pants in colors navy, black and khaki
  • A good handbag and wide variety of accessories such as earrings, scarves, bracelets and rings
  • Good pair of tennis shoes and two pairs of work shoes.

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