Pink Cowboy Boots – Country Western Fashion

You love country-western clothing but you also want to remain feminine while wearing this type of clothing. One option is to wear a pink tank top, a rhinestone-studded white top, skinny black jeans and pink cowboy boots. You can also wear a floral or paisley-designed maxi dress with a denim jacket and the boots for a southern but flirty look. If you need additional inspiration you can look through fashion magazines and watch videos of your favorite female country singers.

pink cowboy boots

Jean Skirt With Cute Ruffle Top

If you want to look modest yet still feminine and country-western, you can wear a medium-length or long denim skirt with a colorful ruffle top and a jean jacket. This hides your most intimate body parts while still accentuating your curves in a respectful manner. You can find affordable jean skirts and ruffle tops at discount clothing stores, department stores, online retailers and at thrift stores.

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Wearing a Dress with Pink Cowboy Boots

If you are wearing a floral dress, you want to choose cowboy boots that are round-toed or square-toed since this is the best choice for this kind of dress. Pointed toe cowboy boots should not be worn with a floral dress since they take away from the outfit. The cowboy boots should also be near the middle of the calf. Avoid fur cowboy boots. If you are wearing a short denim dress, tall pink cowboy boots would work well for the outfit. If you are wearing a gemstone-studded dress, high-heeled pink cowboy boots can be worn.

Other Ways to Dress Country and Classy

You can wear a solid-colored top with a tweed jacket and jeans as this gives your wardrobe a country flair. Another idea is to wear a long or medium-sized tweed skirt with a neutral-toned turtleneck for the fall and winter months. If it rains a lot in your city during the summer you should purchase at least three pairs of rubber boots that you can wear with shorts or a mini skirt. Plaid shirts are an essential staple in classy country-western clothing as are gemstone-studded skinny jeans.

Ways to Save Money on Country-Western Themed Outfits

One way to save money on country-western clothing is by taking advantage of clearance and going-out-of-business sales at local clothing stores. Thrift stores also have decent country-themed clothing for affordable prices. Some department stores carry special sales on clothing during different holidays and you will also find really nice western-style outfits at garage sales.


Country-western feminine clothing is a good way to dress if you want to dress feminine but modest at the same time. If you love Southern culture or originally from the South, this type of clothing helps you show off your Southern pride to the world. Do not pick the same colors, material and patterns when buying or making outfits because you want to have diverse styles on hand.

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