Wedge Wedding Shoes – How To Choose the best?

Most of the bridal gowns are tailored long and therefore do not suite the flat shoes. For brides who are not comfortable with high heels, but desire to look elegant and tall, wedge wedding shoes are the best option. They will get the comfort of flat ones with height of high heels.

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The following are some tips for choosing the best wedge wedding shoes

1. Check the length of the gown before looking for shoes – the person should have a good estimate of the wedge shoe height which will allow her to walk comfortably along with the wedding gown. Obviously the bride will not like to get caught with the wedge while walking down the aisle. Also the gown should not be too high because then the gown would be hanging several inches from the floor. This would be quite awkward.

2. Note the fabric of the dress – Bringing a sample of it can be helpful while shopping for wedding footwear. The bride would prefer a shoe pair that matches greatly with the gown’s fabric. Also, it should match closely with the gown’s color. Ivory ones can look dirty and old with white bridal gown. The glossy look of the wedges should match the dress, more in case of a satin gown.

3. Type – there are many types or varieties available while considering these shoes. A person can go for a low-heel or a t-strap. In case of open-toed wedges, make sure that the dress does not get caught with the shoe’s openings.

4. It is recommended that the person does not opt for a design that steals the attention away from the dress – This implies that the person should not go overboard with elegance and class with the shoes. It should be something reasonable and in no case should outshine the outfit.

5. Comfort – Comfort is a very important factor to be considered. The ceremonies can last for hours and also the bride may have to do a lot of dancing and walking. Surely, the person would not like to have footwear that is painful and tiring on this big day. Comfort is important just like the style and design

6. Price – sticking to a budget is very important. Spending too much on the shoes can leave the person with a lesser amount to be spent on other important wedding items. A person can consider shopping online to save some money on these and have a wider variety.

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