Purple Wedding Shoes – A Nice Choice

One of the most important parts of the bride’s overall look will also include the wedding shoes. They should not only be as beautiful as the gown, but they should also be very comfortable too, because you will be wearing them the whole day during your wedding. Nevertheless, your wedding shoes should also be classy and stylish, and one of the most unique ones that you can try are purple wedding shoes.

The purple color can blend very well with your white gown.  Furthermore, purple come in different hues, so you will surely have a lot of fun choosing the right one that will go well together with your dress and provide comfort in the same time.

purple wedding shoes

However, before buying your purple wedding shoes, here are the things that you have to consider:

What You Need To Know About Your Shoes

  • Style – there are so many designs to choose from for purple wedding shoes. There are pumps, peep toes, strappy sandals, stilettos, wedges, platforms, and even boots! Brides of today are not just limited to the traditional designs, and they are very much adventurous to try out different styles according to their own preference.
  • Price – the price of one pair will vary from one brand to another. Aside from the name that goes with the price tag, the materials used for the wedding shoes will also give a huge factor on the price. Obviously, satins, velvet, silk, lace, Swarovski, gemstones, and other expensive materials will give a higher price tag to the pair, as compared to the ones made of plastic, cotton, beads, and other synthetic materials.
  • Shop – finding a place to start looking for your wedding shoes is easy. You can find them in local stores in malls, wedding boutiques, and even from stores online!

Other things that you might want to consider when buying are listed below.

What You Must Know Before Buying A Pair Of Wedding Shoes
  • You have to consider the style of your gown before buying the style of your shoes.
  • You must make sure that the purple color of your shoes will match your gown. Keep in mind that there are the light color purples, bold ones, and the shocking colored purples.
  • If you are buying your shoes months in advanced, make sure to get the size that will give you enough allowance for shrinkage.
  • Make sure that you are comfortable with the design of your shoes, as well as the height of the heels. If you are not comfortable wearing high shoes, then do not pressure yourself to wear one.

Having purple-colored wedding shoes is not a bad idea. In fact, many people have tried it already, and choosing colors like the traditional whites and ecru is already the thing of the past.

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